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As we become more reliant on our computers and rely more and more on email, it can quickly become the main repository of our online documents and data. Whether it’s a contract, article, picture or any other type of document for that matter, our email account is often the first place we go to find it. This is true for personal accounts, as well as small and home based businesses.

So what’s the problem? Why back up your email when it’s maintained by some of the largest software companies in the world?

  • Consider the following: There are a number of documented incidents of user email accounts vanishing or being corrupted with little or no ability to be restored.

  • Email accounts can be hijacked as part of a larger identity theft attempt.

  • Email accounts can be blocked at the provider’s discretion for a variety of reasons.

  • Something as simple as accidentally deleting important Emails.

builder Easy to use wizard to guide through
online Transfer messages between computers
email Password protected backups
php Save your email at specified intervals
web Safety with strong compression
html English, French, German, Italian and Russian support
free Backup and Restores your email

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"Outlook Backup Expert is such a great tool! I saved my Outlook Express emails in several minutes. I feel secured that a computer crash won't impact my business!"

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